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Marie McLaughlin: A Guide to Her Life and Career



Well folks, we lost a good one last month. Kathleen Marie McLaughlin passed away on November 27th at the age of 81. She was born way back in 1935 in a little town called Elm Creek, Nebraska. Her parents were Merle and Eltie (maiden name Travis) Denning. Katie left behind a few of her loved ones. Her sons Bruce and James, along with grandsons Daniel and Ricky, will surely miss her. And can’t forget about those great-grandbabies – Haven, Ruby, Gus, and Hayley. I’m sure Grandma Katie adored each of them. 

Unfortunately Katie’s husband Robert Earl, and brothers Loren, Fred, and sister Caroline already passed on. The visitation for Katie will be this Saturday, December 3rd from 11:30am until the funeral service starts at 12:30pm. Both will be held at Lincoln Memorial Funeral Home. Then they’ll lay her to rest at Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery. Go hug your loved ones a little tighter this week and remember – we’re all just passing through. Make the most of the time we have.

Profile Summary

Full Name Kathleen Marie McLaughlin
Also Known As Katie McLaughlin
Spouse Jared Fogle
Age 44
Children Brady, Quinn (sole custody)
Birth Date April 1979
Net Worth (2024) $4 million
Ethnicity Not known
Nationality Not known
Religion Christianity
Marital Status Divorced
Marriage Married Jared Fogle in 2010, divorced in 2015

Early Life and Background

So Kathleen Marie McLaughlin, her early life is pretty mysterious. Seems like she wanted to keep that part private. All we know is she was born in April 1979. Her upbringing is also a private matter, kept away from the public eye. There’s not much known about her family or education, showing how committed she is to her own privacy. 

Before dating Jared Fogle, Kathleen had been living her own life. Navigating things with style and elegance. Even though her past is obscure, it says a lot about who she is and her determination. It’s in the quiet parts of her history that her real self shines through, a symbol of strength during rough times.

Marriage to Jared Fogle

So Kathleen and Jared got married back in 2010. It seemed like it was going to be this big love story, you know? Jared was famous from all those Subway commercials where he lost all that weight eating their sandwiches. Everyone loved him. 

But it turns out there was more going on behind the scenes that nobody knew about. A few years later, some bad stuff came out about Jared and it just destroyed their marriage. Can you imagine finding out your husband was involved in all that? It must have been devastating for Kathleen. She thought she was in this happy relationship with this celebrity guy and suddenly it all comes crashing down with these huge lies. Their perfect little world just fell apart. I feel so bad for what she went through, you know?


Legal Issues and Divorce

Kathleen’s world came crashing down when the FBI raided her home with Jared. Finding all that child porn and other bad stuff was a huge shock. Jared wasn’t the hero everyone thought – he had done some terrible things. Kathleen had to face the truth about her marriage, which couldn’t have been easy. 

After everything blew up, Kathleen was super brave dealing with all the demons in her relationship. She didn’t back down, filing for divorce right away to take control of her life again. Her fight in court was so tough, but Kathleen didn’t give up. Through it all she kept her chin up, showing how strong she really is.

Legal Matters and Separation

When the FBI raided her home, Kathleen’s world came crashing down. Jared’s dark secrets were revealed, destroying the reputation he had built. Finding child pornography and evidence of wrongdoing, it sent ripples across America. For Kathleen, it marked the beginning of a difficult journey towards the truth and making things right. 

After everything hit the fan, Kathleen faced the issues in her marriage with bravery. She turned to the legal system for solace, getting a divorce to take back her independence. Kathleen’s determination saw her through as she won the next fight in court, proving her resilience.

Personal Life and Privacy

Kathleen really needed to step away from the spotlight after everything blew up, you know? The media was all over her and she just wanted to protect her family from all the chaos. Can’t say I blame her – I’d wanna get as far away from those vultures as possible if I was in her shoes. 

But man, she handled it all with such class. Dealing with those tabloid hounds day in and day out couldn’t have been easy, but she kept her head high the whole time. It takes a strong person to weather that kind of storm. I’m sure leaning on her faith is what got her through the worst of it. No matter what anyone said about her, she stayed true to herself. That’s real strength right there.


Kathleen Marie McLaughlin Net Worth

Despite going through a tumultuous marriage, Kathleen Marie McLaughlin came out the other side with her financial stability secured through a generous settlement. While the scars of the past still lingered, Kathleen’s indomitable spirit remained unbroken, showing how strong and persistent she is. 

The legal battles that followed weren’t easy, but Kathleen weathered the storm with grace and dignity. With an estimated net worth of around $4 million, it shows Kathleen Marie McLaughlin’s resilience and determination. With unwavering resolve, she paved a path toward a brighter future, her steadfast spirit a beacon of hope in what can feel like a dark world.

Where Is Kathleen McLaughlin Now?

Kathleen is doing her best to move on from the scandal and focus on her kids. After everything with her ex Jared, she just wants a quiet life in Indiana. She’s embraced keeping to herself now and doesn’t want her personal business out there. It couldn’t have been easy, but Kathleen has surrounded herself with family and friends. She’s determined not to let what happened in the past affect her going forward. Kathleen just wants to raise her children peacefully away from the spotlight.

Facing Public Scrutiny: Kathleen McLaughlin’s Resilience in the Spotlight

So Kathleen Marie McLaughlin suddenly found herself in the spotlight after everything that happened with Jared Fogle. It couldn’t have been easy for her, you know, with everyone judging her and the media hounding her all the time. But she stayed strong and focused on protecting her family through it all. 

By staying out of the public eye, it’s clear that her number one priority is keeping her loved ones from having to deal with any more stress. Even with people constantly trying to get her attention in the tabloids, Kathleen handled all the scrutiny with class. She kept her head high through it all, which I’m sure wasn’t easy. You gotta admire her strength getting through such a tough time.


The Road Ahead: Kathleen McLaughlin’s Legacy of Resilience

So Kathleen Marie McLaughlin is moving on from being in the spotlight, huh? Her story really shows what people can do when facing tough times. Even through all the hard stuff, she stayed strong and focused on making a better life for herself and her kids. 

You gotta respect that kind of grit and commitment to her family. Raising kids alone can’t be easy, but she’s powering through and proving that with hard work you can come back from anything. I’m sure her story gives hope to a lot of people dealing with their own struggles.

When you think about it, Kathleen really demonstrates the strength inside all of us. No matter what life throws at you, if you have courage and love supporting you, you can make it through. Now she’s looking ahead to better days, and her example lights the way for the rest of us – with determination and grace, you can overcome anything.

Want to know more about Kathleen Marie McLaughlin and what her and her husband’s lives are like now? Check out Creative Released for their full story.


Kathleen Marie McLaughlin’s journey will be remembered. Her life showed how strong the human spirit can be, even when facing hard times. She kept going no matter what problems came her way. Kathleen proved that with determination, you can overcome anything. Kathleen’s story was about turning tragedy into triumph. It shows how resilient the human spirit is. As she looks ahead to the future, her strength gives hope to others in dark times. 

Her life showed the power of love, the ability to bounce back, and the chance for redemption. Even through the hardest parts of her journey, she stayed determined. That determination shined a light of hope for others. Kathleen Marie McLaughlin overcame tragedy with her resilience. As she moves forward, her unchanging resolve gives hope. Her story inspires us to make the world better through love, compassion, and understanding.

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